2015-2016 New year’s eve party





❶ The phone rings, it is him, haven’t  seen him for many years. She pushes the accept button with trembling hand. ‘I have a crush on you for a long time, let’s date.’ At first, she thinks her dream finally comes true, however, some laugh noises on the other side make her calm down. ‘OK’

❷Have been in love for three years, he still doesn’t give her a promise. She has been indicated him several times, but it seems that he does not understand. This year, on the train back home, because her hometown is a few stops before him, she asked him with disappointment to wake her up at that stop. Few hours later, he wakes her up. ‘Here we are.’ She looked outside the window, it is a strange station she has never been to. She looks back to him seeing his gentle smile. ”My mom wants to see you.’

Fate is unpredictable, you never know how it will trick you, or surprise you.

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‘We will meet a lot of people in our lifetime,

We will experience countless passing-by.’

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UTAC’s new mission, shooting promotion video for New Year’s Eve Party

[Difficulty increase] This time we cooperate with Xiaoshifu entertainment club, we create the script and use the best equipment together. We cooperate with the senior photographers and directors and hope to create the best video we have ever produced.

▼  In this process, we use professional views to see whether our video is qualified. Countless retake and fix until the video is perfect.

▼ We acknowledge to all the actors, directors, photographers and everyone who came to the scene sincerely. We cannot do this without you!

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‘Will you feel lonely when your best friend tells you how good her boyfriend treats her?’

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A: The new year’s eve is coming, do you have any arrangements?

B: Oh, you do not know me. I stay at home every year.?

A : i heard UT will hold a new year’s eve party <Fate>. Will you come?

B: Come on. As a single dog, i do not feel like going out on that day. you know why?

A: Yo man, you got to be wrong this time. Many single people will come and you will probably find that him/her. This is their promotion video, check this out!

<Fate> promotion video-


This promotion video is presented by UTAC and xiaoshifu entertainment club


SallyShen Studio, Evo, GreenGrotto

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Are you still eating alone? shopping alone? travel alone?

<Fate> is your best choice! As the biggest Chinese party in UT, <Fate> is held by xiaoshifu entertainment club, thousands club, UT Chinese association, 20 UT clubs and company.

Let us count down for 2016 with the bell of new year!

2015.12.31 We are waiting for you!

2015.12.31 | 9PM-2AM

8241 Woodbine Ave- EVO

  1. Early Bird: $50 Before Dec.18th, 23:30pm
  2. Regular: $60 After Dec.18th, until event
  3. At the door: $70 Not available if online tickets are all sold out
  4. VIP Booth: $700 (Limited) Includes10 VIP Tickets and Luxury Booth Service
  5. Luxury Karaoke VIP Room: $2000 (One) Include 30 VIP Tickets and Luxury Karaoke Private Service
  6. Sign up link https://2016newyeareve.eventbrite.ca







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