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UTAC Behind The Scene

Walking into UTAC’s advertising shooting scene.

See the great thinking of innovation, feel the unique style of advertisements

Supermarket? Subway? Bus stop? Infrastructure? Trash can or even T-shirt?

Advertisements can be found everywhere !Advertisements leap to your eyes wherever you go!
Whether those crazy ingenious commercial  advertisements or that breath-taking public service advertising are so common in this information era. However, most of us who live in a world flooded with advertisements know little about them. Today, let’s follow the steps of our editors into the shooting scenes of UTAC, see what is behind the scene!

Models’ professional smile accompanied by the photographer’s deft shooting skill surprised our club members. Push the button with a flashlight and another masterpiece will be out, however, things can’t be so easy just like our lives, right?

As a saying goes ‘A lot of people are good at starting, but few of them make it to the last.’ Whether the pre-production text edit, lamplight during shooting, arguments about models’ makeup or the post-production process, the UTAC team, night after night, listened to everyone’s opinions in order to satisfy our clients’ requirements. We just wanted to give every talent we have to achieve the best.

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Honestly, the intense atmosphere in the shooting scene sometimes makes me uneasy. However, seeing our director paying attention to every detail, I feel very proud to be in the UTAC family which consists of UofT students coming from  different places and different majors!




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