2015-2016 New year’s eve party

What is fate ? ❶ The phone rings, it is him, haven’t  seen him for many years. She pushes the accept button with trembling hand. ‘I have a crush on you for a long time, let’s date.’ At first, she thinks her dream finally comes true, however, some laugh noises on the other side make […]

The secret of magic

  -Progress- When it comes to magic, we might think of the magician Qian Liu. His every performance will bring surprise to the audience at a mystery and unknown atmosphere. Today UTAC receives a mystery mission. Shoot a promotion video for two Canadian magician! We bought brand new equipment just for this video! During the shoot, […]
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CMC King of Karaoke 2015

‘CMC King of karaoke’ just ended at 21:00, November.21st. It becomes the hottest topic on campus no matter you are in a library, classroom or dining hall. We can still hear those singers’ beautiful voice flowing on campus. Chinese annual singing contest seems to be first-year new friends’ expectation about the future college life, the […]

AdrenalEase Sporting Clothes

At the end of October 2015, we cooperate with AdrenalEase Company shooting the tutorial and advertisement for “Performance Shirt”. After 20 days’ hard work, we finally completed the shooting, cutting and post-production of the advertisement . It is time to see our final work!   ‘Don’t go through wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow?’ […]
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UTAC Behind The Scene

Walking into UTAC’s advertising shooting scene. See the great thinking of innovation, feel the unique style of advertisements Supermarket? Subway? Bus stop? Infrastructure? Trash can or even T-shirt? Advertisements can be found everywhere !Advertisements leap to your eyes wherever you go! Whether those crazy ingenious commercial  advertisements or that breath-taking public service advertising are so […]