Vote for the best T&T commercial

030.With Love, With T&T Standing in the cold wind with a coat alone, bearing another ambiguous dream alone, fighting for an unclear tomorrow alone, using left hand to protect the other right hand alone, being strong alone, keep the faith alone, waiting for the bus alone… Eyes hurting under the white light of the bulb, […]
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VOTE FOR BingChen Shan (Tony) To be your representative

@   VOTE FOR BingChen Shan (Tony) — Governing Council—  “To be your representative” Young men in 21st century don’t stick to just one rule or pattern. They seems to be lack of their elder’s character of calm. But in fact, with unbounded imagination, we push forward the time with the great power enough to challenge the […]

Show your unique voice

This time UTAC helps York University to shoot promotion videos for its tip-top singing contest. As one of the biggest events in recent years for the Chinese students in York University, this singing contest attracted more than 100 singers and finally gathered nine great singers coming from different parts of GTA. Maybe one of them […]